“An immersive experience that fizzes with emotion and promise.”

Laura Marriott, Dublin Fringe Festival for Stop/Over (2018)

Stop Over (62).jpg

“A spirited production for On The Quays.”

Chris McCormack, Dublin Fringe Festival for Stop/Over (2018)

Stop Over (77).jpg

“Smart, sassy, sensual, and ultimately universal.”

Gay Community News, Dublin Fringe Festival for Stop/Over (2018)


“The talented cast & crew of On The Quays made Aruba laugh, cry, and fall in love with RENT, which was a complete success!”

Diario Aruba for RENT (2017)


“This group of talented actors and singers gave us a show full of energy, enthusiasm, and love every night, which is without a doubt the message of the play.”

Bon Dia Aruba for RENT (2017)

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“RENT for a new generation, with a faultless cast, exquisite performances, and vocals that move the soul.”

ScotsGay, Edinburgh Festival Fringe for RENT (2015)


“A tightly knit team of highly confident performers fired with boundless energy and passion.”

BroadwayBaby Edinburgh for RENT (2015)