RENT for a new generation, with a faultless cast, exquisite performances, and vocals that move the soul.
— ScotsGay Edinburgh
Michael Quadrino & Gerard Canonico

Michael Quadrino & Gerard Canonico

Our Journey with RENT

In the fall of 2017, we presented our production of RENT at Cas Di Cultura - Aruba’s National Theatre with Muse Theater & Events Aruba. This was an important moment in Cas Di Cultura’s near 60 year history; RENT was the first professional musical ever produced there. This was also the first time RENT had ever been performed in Aruba. It was important for us to bring this story to a community that had never seen it and to see how much they were affected by the show. Our audiences consisted of mainly local people from Aruba, many of whom had never seen a live musical before. Through our collaboration with Cas Di Cultura and Muse we were also able to bring professional theatre to local high schools. Towards the end of our trip we collaborated with some of these students to create a music video. We hope this is just the beginning of more collaborations to come in bringing professional theatre to Aruba!

In 2015, this production played a sold out, critically-acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest performing arts festival in the world. Anthony Rapp, of the original Broadway cast served as artistic consultant on the production and said that the cast was "dynamic, authentic, and extraordinarily talented".


What’s Next?

After the success of RENT in Aruba, we would love to see our production tour to other new audiences that haven’t seen a professional production before. We want to get involved with local artistic communities and work with them while we are there with the show. While in Aruba, we had special performances and talk backs with local high schools and colleges. It was through this, that we met an eager group of young performers and shot a music video to Seasons of Love with them. This kind of local interaction is extremely important to us and we plan to do it wherever we go.We also look forward to bringing our production of RENT home in the future. For more information regarding the production such as our technical packet or how to get involved and book the production, please email

Creative Team

Director - Nicola Murphy

Music Director - Keiji Ishiguri

Choreographer - Tommy Bracco

Production Stage Manager - Katie Barnhard

Technical Supervision Aruba - Richard Hopmans

Sound Designer Aruba - Patrick Verburg

Lighting Design - Erik Van Oorsouw

Set Design - Justin West

Costume Consultant - Molly Seidel

Assistant Director - Matt Engle

Assistant Stage Manager - Katie Hesketh

Original Costume Designs - Viktor Luna

Casting - Stefanie Harris

Dance Captain - Janet Krupin

Fight Captain - Evan Maltby

Wardrobe Supervisor - Linda Quadrino

Wardrobe Assistant - Madeline Barnhard

Cast (from Cas Di Cultura Aruba 2017)

Roger Davis - Gerard Canonico

Mark Cohen - Michael Quadrino

Tom Collins - Jonathan Christopher

Benjamin Coffin III - Will Bellamy

Joanne Jefferson - Zia.

Angel Dumott Schunard - Zachary Infante

Mimi Marquez - Magdiel Cabral

Maureen Johnson - Janet Krupin

Mrs. Jefferson, woman with bags, & others - Injoy Fountain

Mr. Jefferson, a pastor, and others - Hakim Rashad McMillan

The man, Mr. Grey, Steve, & others - Evan Maltby

Gordon, man with squeegee, waiter, & others - Joseph Spinelli

Mark's mom & others - Hannah Fairchild

Alexi Darling, Roger's mom, & others - Lisa Helmi Johanson

Paul, a cop, & others - Matt Engle